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ARTS and SPORTS Activities

Delma encourages its members to participate and take leadership in various arts and sports activities and also to co-operate with other like-minded organizations to conduct/organize programs of common interest. Delma aims at creating a spirit of fraternity among the members by providing occasions and platform for the members to meet together and exchange ideas, views, and opinion in this otherwise busy world..Currently there are sports teams in soccer,volleball,cricket and cycling in which many Delma members are active. Our actvities are open to all including non malayalee friends. Our goal is to promote sports activities as a healthy way to be active and involved with our community.

All Delma activities are open to all like minded people including non Malayalee friends.


To join or for more information  send mail to

New Castle United Soccer team


New Castle United (NCU) soccer team is predominantly malayalees but anyone with interest in soccer is welcome to join. NCU team participate in soccer tournaments in Philadelphia,Newyork and  Baltimore.

Schedule : Summer 4 days a week   Winter : Weekends

More information : send mail to


Volleyball Team

Volleyball team practices two days a week in summer and winter.Our team participate in tournaments in Philadelphia and IAAD events. Delma also host a Volleyball tournament in November every year.

To join or for more information  send mail to

Schedule :  2 days a week

Cricket Team

Cricket team practices once a week at Lums Pond park. and play in DUCL cricket leahue in Summer.
To join or for more information  send mail to

Schedule : Summer Saturdays

Card Games(Cheetu Kali)
Card games are played whenever there in an oppportunity . Rummy , 28 and 56 are the favorites.
Schedule : Anytime

Arts Club
Delma arts club tries to bring in the great traditions and culture of Kerala through our highly acclaimed Art events/Stage shows. Members practice dance,skit,drama etc regulary and  perform at various community events.


Malayalam Class
Delma organizes Malayalam classes for kids every alternate Saturdays. Classes are held at two locations in Hockessin and Bear. If you want to enroll your kids , please email to


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